Hoop Yoga

As put forth by Sacred in the Round, LLC, is a delightful way to either deepen your existing practice or begin your journey.

What it is

Beneath the Words

Yoga means to yolk, or unite.  Hoop Yoga is a true Yolking of two cultures:  That of the storytelling and symbolic nature of Native American Hoop Dance and the modern day Asana Yoga practice on the mat.

Hoop Yoga offers a 3-step approach in method and re-evaluates form & technique.

I. ChakravalAyasan: Learning each pose and meaning/interpretation

II. Storylines: Stringingpostures together Vinyasa style to learn our Basic Storylines to become better acquainted with this practice

III. Self-expression: Pick and choose a handful of poses from the 30+ ChakravalAyasan to thread a meaningful story of your own.

Who teaches it?

Hoop Yoga as taught by Pippa Dorfman of Stepping Stone Yoga Studio, in northern Vermont, is a unique experience and offers a creative way to explore a Yoga practice and sacred Self-expression.

We would like to train other Yoga teachers to instruct this specific hoop-assisted style of asana practice, so contact us in the form below to let us know you are interested in a training.

Workshops, Trainings, Courses

At Stepping Stone Yoga Studio, bordering Canada in northern Vermont, we offer in-studio trainings to learn how to teach this style of Yoga, workshops, and classes.  We do also offer online courses, a tutorial card deck, and hoops to purchase online (coming soon).

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Experience it for YourSelf!

You really have to try it in person to feel it for yourself.  Yes, we have a YouTube channel with a few tutorials, a Facebook page that invites you to explore the depths of Hoop Yoga, but to learn from Pippa in person, will help give the cells in your body a clearer feeling of what Hoop Yoga will mean for you in your life.

Order our online course packet, tutorial cards, and/or your hoop prop to try it at home!

Hoop Yoga

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Up-to-date class & workshop schedule can be found at SteppingStoneYoga.com or on our "Hoop Yoga" Facebook page.

Upcoming workshops in Vermont: 

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